Roman temple of heroes unearthed in Macedonia

Excavations at Dabje Gramage, near the Barovo village in Demir Kapija, Macedonia, revealed remains of a Roman Era heroon – a mausoleum for ancient heroes. This is a first ever heroon temple discovered so far in Macedonia.

Frieze of the ancient temple (by Telegraf)

Archaeologists discovered the site in 2012 by recording the visible remains on the ground. Initially they were able to document such parts as the crepidoma and several other architectural stone elements from the upper parts of the building, such as the part of an abacus frame on a Corinthian order, massive part of an overhead arch, parts of the front acroterion on top of the roof that was decorated with a palm and other ornaments.

Partially preserved ancient bust (by Telegraf)

Other finds include the upper part of a white marble statue. The works are scheduled to finish unearthing the mausoleum’s hypogeum. The heroon is said to have been built in 2nd or 3rd century BC by a distinct member of society from the Tikvesh region.

Unearthed architectural structure (by Telegraf)

The work conducted so far and the future plans for the site indicate that the Barovo heroon could be the first antique temple in Macedonia and abroad that is completely restored.

Architectural ornaments (by Telegraf)

(after Independent & Telegraf)

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