Unique wooden ceilings with polychrome paintings restored

As the restoration works of the Museum of Warsaw (former Historical Museum of Warsaw) near their end, 17th and 18th restored polychrome paintings will be put on display within the Museum’s interiors that will encompass 200 rooms in over 11 tenement houses in city’s Old Town.

Polychrome paintings (by TVN Warszawa)

Numerous historic elements of the tenement buildings located in Warsaw’s Old Town were restored and are set up to be opened for viewing as the reconstruction works in Museum of Warsaw’s near their end. One of the oldest ones are polychrome paintings of wooden ceilings, dated to 1620 and 1730 AD.

Polychrome paintings (by TVN Warszawa)
Polychrome paintings (by TVN Warszawa)

During the process, in one of the 11 buildings that the Museum encompasses a niche was discovered. Inside, behind a false wall a skeleton was found. At present it is a subject of forensic investigation by the Police, in order to reveal whom it belonged to. In the same building unique 17th century flowers painted below the ceiling are on display.

Polychrome paintings (by TVN Warszawa)
Polychrome paintings (by TVN Warszawa)

The inner courtyards of the museum have been covered with glass roofs and turned into exhibition areas. One such area will hold an exhibition dedicated to mermaids – the symbol of Warsaw. Other interesting interiors include historic, elaborately decorated staircases and a viewing area located on the 6th floor from which you can observe the city’s panorama.

Architectural detail in one of the rooms (by TVN Warszawa)
Restored interiors of the museum (by TVN Warszawa)
A view of Warsaw’s Old Town Square from the future sightseeing terrace in the Museum (by TVN Warszawa)

Beside containing the mermaid exhibition and a lapidarium, these newly prepared interiors will house temporary exhibitions and will serve for purposes of various cultural events. The works are scheduled to end in February 2018 and the Museum is said to open on last week of May.

Restoration works at the Museum of Warsaw (by TVN Warszawa)
A view at the Museum buildings at Warsaw’s Old Town Square (by TVN Warszawa)

(after TVN Warszawa)

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