Villagers uncover tomb in China

Villagers in Lu County, Sichuan, south-west China,  uncovered an ancient tomb containing over 200 reliefs depicting human figures.

Entrance to the tomb (by People’s Daily Online)

The villagers discovered numerous carved tombstones while digging in their backyards. They discovered more than 200 carved gravestones and were able to uncover an entrance to the ancient tomb within the grave site. The heaviest stone is said to weight over 350 kg. Archaeologists working at the site recorded signs of ancient grave robbing and were able to date the site to the period of Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD), as the tomb had a Song wooden architecture style.

Relief within the tomb (by People’s Daily Online)

According to the experts the grave gate, warriors and floral decorations are real reflections of Song people’s life style. The two sides of the grave are identical, showing that tomb might have been built for a couple. Plenty of recovered relics constitute top-notch craftsmanship and are of significant aesthetic value.

(after People’s Daily Online)

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