Grave of a Viking chief possibly found in Denmark

Archaeologists believe to have found in Næsby, northern Jutland, Denmark, the burial of the the famous Viking chief Ulv Galiciefarer, the great-grandfather of Valdemar the Great, king of Denmark (1157-1182).

The discovered burial (by Vesthimmerlands Museum)

Archaeologist believe that the burial belongs to an important person. The large tomb is surrounded by a dark square feature, possibly remains of a building that covered the burial site. This is typical for other noble tombs from in and around the time period and the area it was found. A sword discovered in the tomb revealed that the individual buried there lived and died during the first half of the 1000s. The are of the find in Jutland is believed to have been part of Valdemar the Great’s ancestral heritage that was handed down to him from antiquity. Viking chief Ulv Galiciefarer was famous for raiding, looting and pillaging in Galicia in northern Spain in the early 11th century. He is known in the literature as an “earl of Denmark“, an important official who, in the king’s absence, controlled a region or even an entire country.

(after Vesthimmerlands Museum & Copenhagen Post)

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