Head and torso of ancient Roman sculpture of Diana found

A shattered Roman sculpture depicting Diana the Huntress was discovered in Terracina, central Italy. The head and the torso were found separately, with the arms and legs of the statue missing.

Discovery of the torso of Diana (by Cità di Terracina)

The discovery was made during excavations at a construction site involving installation of cables for tanks of the nearby Agip petrol station. During the works, ancient Roman thermal baths were unexpectedly discovered. Archaeologists believe that the statue once stood in the centre of the hot water pool. Its two pieces were found scattered within the space of the room. The torso is dressed in short chiton, short cloak coiled around the waist and wears a quiver for arrows on the back.

Th torso (by Cità di Terracina)
Head of Diana (by Cità di Terracina)

The statue is believed to be 2000 years old, dating to between 1st-2nd cent. AD. The site where it was found is located at the Via Roma (Roman road) in Terracina. Diana was the ancient Roman goddess of the hunt, the lady of the forest, protector of women and guardian of springs and streams.

The torso of the sculpture (by Cità di Terracina)

(after Cità di Terracina)

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    excellent marble. Hair like Faustina the younger so it could be the dating.

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