Historical greenhouses demolished in the capital

Historic greenhouses, located in the district of Ulrychów of Poland’s capital, Warsaw, were destroyed by a developer who is planning to build a commercial building.


The site of the demolished greenhouses (by Mateusz Szmelter)

Community activists were alarmed by the sounds of broken glass and heavy equipment that originated from the construction site masked by a commercial banner. It turned out that the whole skeletons of the historic greenhouses were being demolished, leaving only the side walls. Some of the structures were demolished leaving only the narrow walls and piles of rubble. Nearly all metal parts of the structures are said to have been already demolished.

The site of the demolished greenhouses (by Mateusz Szmelter)

The characteristic greenhouses were build by Jan B. Ulrich in 19th century as part of a lager plant garden containing plant nurseries, a garden and said greenhouses. It started to decline in the second half of 20th century and was finally closed down, leaving only a portion of the original buildings. The area was figuring in the monuments registry since 2001. The present owner received a building permit to change the use of two greenhouses from the city officials. The investor changed numerous times the initial project and applied for conservation agreements from the local heritage office. In light of the revealed demolition of the construction and parts of the walls the heritage office scheduled an inspection at the site.

(after TVN Warszawa & Mateusz Szmelter)

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