Hoard of 15th-century disposable cups found

Archaeologists discovered a great amount of pottery shards belonging to single-use cups in Wittenberg, Germany. The finds date to 1500 AD.

Remains of single-use cups (by DPA)

Archaeologists found layers of cups and animal bones in in the castle courtyard of the Schloss Wittenberg. The vessels are believed to have been thrown out when emptied by the guests of the castle’s parties. The vessels then crashed onto the tiles covering the courtyard. The parties took place in the summer in the courtyard of the castle. These porcelain mugs were decorated with roll stamps and mask designs. According to the archaeologists, such disposable dishes were a sign of great wealth at the time and only the nobility used them at the castle – the House of Ascania up to 1422 and then the House of Wettin.

(after DPA & Deutsche Welle)

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