Intriguing linear features found in Białowieża Forest by LiDAR

Linear features and enclosures were identified on airborne LiDAR data within the Białowieża Forest in north-eastern Poland. Archaeologists examined selected sites of the newly-found feature complex and determined their man-made character.

LiDAR analysis of the area with the newly found features (by IBL)

The linear features form lines and four-sided enclosures and vary in length. Their height is considerably low, measuring between 20-30 centimetres. Normally, their detection would not be possible if not for the digital teledetection data acquired for the purpose of monitoring the forest stand of Białowieża. Archaeological test trenches revealed that the structures were man-made, consisting of stone and dirt, measuring 2 metres in breadth. According to the experts, they might be remains of formerly unknown boundaries, possibly of fields. In few places, such features run under mounds that were created in Early Medieval times, indicating that they are older. Archaeological investigation aimed at determining the exact date of the structures is scheduled. This is the largest complex of such features discovered through LiDAR data analysis in Poland so far.

Place of the found features within the forest (by Rafał Zapłata)

(after Geoforum, Rafał Zapłata & IBL)

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