Man-made cave found under the cellar of a rented house

Students renting a terraced house in Nottingham discovered a 19th century man-made cave hidden beneath the cellar.

Inside the cave (by Nottingham Post)

The discovery was made after construction workers installing new emergency lighting system left the cellar doors unlocked. The inhabitants of the house went into the cellar finding yet another door leading to a set of stairs below. The cave located was at the end of the stairs.

Entrance to the cave (by Nottingham Post)

Experts believe that the previously unknown space, measuring  roughly 2 metres by 1.5 metre, was created about 200 years ago. It was possibly used as a domestic cellar as it is contemporary to the building above. The structure was cut in sandstone and contains benches on four sides that might have been used as shelves to store food and drinks. The city is said to have over 700 cellars dated from 18th and 19th century with earliest dating to 1250 AD.

One of the students exploring the cave (by Nottingham Post)

(after Nottingham Post)

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