New finds at Etruscan cemetery at Vulci

Archaeologists discovered a well equipped Etruscan tomb at the famous necropolis at Vulci, Viterbo, Italy. Due to the nature of the finds, the discovery was dubbed “the tomb of the make-up artist“.

New finds at Vulci (by Ansa)

The newly found tomb dates to 3rd-2nd century BC. It contained funeral objects considered by the researchers as unusual. They consist of small silver hooks and three bronze instruments such as a small spoon and a spatula. The instruments were possibly kept in a leather container, which wasn’t preserved to modern times but left traces of organic matter. Other finds include ceramic vessels such as a laghinos (jar with a long neck), bronze pin in a shape of a harpy, a set of bronze vases, bronze mirror, a situla (bucket-like vessel), pan, small container for make-up, pair of scissors, a strigil (spatula used by athletes to cleanse dirt from skin) and a water bottle said to being still corked. Archaeologists believe the person buried there had to be keen with cosmetics. Further analysis of found artefacts is under way.

(after Ansa)

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