Remains of fourth giant temple gate found

Remains of a giant temple gate were found in Padmakshi temple in Hanamkonda, central India. These are the remains of a fourth gate, known as thoranam found at the Inavolu Mallikarjuna Swamy temple.

Remains of a giant entrance gate (by Deccan Chronicle)

The fourth giant entrance temple, known as Kakatiya Keerthi Thoranam, consists of fully carved pillars. It dates to 12th century AD, to the times when the temple was built. The relict was found lying unnoticed for about 900 years, with part of the carvings buried underground. The Inavolu Mallikarjuna Swamy temple was built by a minister, Ayyanna Deva, of Kakatiya Kingdom during the 12th century. The Kakatiya Keerti Toranams stood as the symbol of the historic Kakatiya dynasty’s (1163–1323) rule.

(after Deccan Chronicle)

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