Two World War II guns found by construction workers

Construction workers found two guns during renovation of two houses in Słupsk, northern Poland. The weapons, found separately are a Polish Vis wz. 35 and German Mauser gun.

Both guns (by Łukasz Capar via Głos Pomorza)

The Vis gun, 9 mm short weapon used by Polish Army officers, was found wrapped in oiled rags, hidden under the roof of a house at Krasińskiego street. It is said to be in a well preserved state. Except the gun there were two magazines and 10 pieces of ammunition. The gun dates to 1939. It is possible that the gun was either kept as a trophy and hidden by German soldier in 1945 after the region was taken over by the Red Army, either was brought to northern Poland by a settler and soldier of the ground after coming to Pomerania region.

Vis wz. 35 gun (by Łukasz Capar via Głos Pomorza)
German Mauser pistol (by Łukasz Capar via Głos Pomorza)

The second one was hidden under floor in a house at Księdza Brzóski street. It is a German Mauser preserved in worse condition than the Vis one. Police is currently checking whether the guns were used for crime, after which the weapons will be given to the museum.

(after Radio Gdańsk,  Łukasz Capar & Głos Pomorza)

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