Abandoned cellar full of German artefacts found

A group of explorers discovered an abandoned cellar in the old town of Kostrzyn nad Odrą, West Poland. The room was intact since being buried about 70 years ago.

German pottery (by Stowarzyszenie Perkun)

The cellar was discovered in October last year. Explorers from the Stowarzyszenie Perkun group accessed the interior, in cooperation with the local Festung Küstrin Museum. The structure was one of many such cellars that were buried during fights in 1945. According to them, a bomb possibly destroyed the entrance to the room and it was partially filled with rubble. This allowed for all of the objects inside to be preserved for 70 years in an unaltered state.

Inside the abandoned cellar (by Stowarzyszenie Perkun)

Inside, the explorers found a stove and kitchen utensils, but also a German rifle. No human remains were discovered, but is is suggested that the rubble might cover possible victims of the explosion that destroyed the entrance. Small finds from the cellar were deposited to the museum, but the larger – such as the stove – due to the size were left in the cellar.

Stove found in the cellar (by Stowarzyszenie Perkun)

(after Stowarzyszenie Perkun & Gazeta Lubuska)

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