Construction site reveals a Gothic basement and numerous artefacts

Archaeologists conducting research prior to the construction of Hotel Długi Targ at Gdańsk, North Poland, discovered fragments of Gothic walls, remains of wooden housing, and various artefacts dating back up to second half of 14th century.

Gothic basement’s preserved wall (by Karolina Kocińska)

Excavations at the site were conducted simultaneously to construction works of the future hotel. The structures discovered at the site will be buried after documentation. The oldest ones consist of a 14th century wooden outbuilding and latrine.  Within them everyday items were found, such as a jug and ceramic vessels. The research revealed that the area was rebuilt in mid-15th century. The area of the Długi Targ (Long Market) received its present shape in 15th century and was officially named to Lange Markt in 1514. They formed the so-called “Royal street”, the most representative street in the city, by which patricians and merchants resided.

Porcelain found at the site (by Karolina Kocińska)
Jug found in a latrine (by Karolina Kocińska)

(after Nauka w Polsce, Karolina Kocińska & Pracownia Archeologiczno-Konserwatorska)

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