Hellenistic jar filled with human remains found at construction site

Archaeologists working at a construction site at İsmet Paşa district of Muğla province, western Turkey, discovered an ancient jar containing burnt human remains. It is believed to date to the Hellenistic period.

Excavations of the Hellenistic jar (by AA photo)

The team of archaeologists were working at the site after ancient ruins were unearthed by construction works. The jar was found about two meters below the surface. Researchers believe it has been used as an urn. The artefact was unearthed and transported to Milas Archaeology Museum for further examination. It is believed it might be connected to the Hellenistic settlement of ancient city of Milas (Mylasa), the first capital of ancient Caria.

The Hellenistic jar (by AA photo)

(after Daily Sabah & AA photo)

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