Tudor rose pendant found near Moscow Kremlin

A pendant with an image of the Tudor rose on its front was found at a building site near the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia. The artefact is believed to be 400 years old.

(by Mos.ru)

The Tudor rose is a traditional emblem of England and a symbol of the Tudor dynasty, ruling between 1485-1603. The pendant, on which it is depicted, is made of tin and lead and measures about 5 centimetres in diameter. According to the researchers the artefact dates back to 1590. It has a French phrase engraved on it, saying “Dieu et mon droit”, (“God and my right”), which has been the motto of the UK monarchy since the 12th century. The pendant is believed to have been sawn onto a piece of cloth, as there are four small holes near its edges. Archaeologists suspect that the find may be connected with the Old English Court which used to stand on the site, and was the first English trading and ambassadorial office in Moscow from 1556 to 1649.

(after Russia Today & Mos.ru)

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