Earliest Christian graves in Asia-Pacific found

The only record about the colony was in the European archives. There was nothing archaeologically speaking.Burials of individuals with hands joined in prayer have been found on the Taiwanese island of Heping Dao. They date to 17th century, belonging to Spanish settlers and are possibly the earliest Christian graves in Asia-Pacific.

Facial reconstruction of a Medieval poor man

Facial reconstruction of the remains of a 13th-century male individual found during excavations of the Old Divinity School of St John’s College, Cambridge, England, conducted between 2010-2012 revealed the looks of an ordinary poor man buried at the Medieval cemetery.

Sunken Ming Dynasty treasure uncovered

More than 10000 gold and silver items that sank to the bottom of Minjiang River in Sichuan Province, China, around 300 years ago were uncovered by archaeologists. The artefacts date to 17th century during the period of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD).