14th-century sculptures and paintings found in a church

During restoration works in a church located in Jamielnica, Poland, paintings and sculpture decorations were found, dated probably to the 14th century. The ornaments were hidden under 10-centimetre thick layer of plaster.

Sculptures found in the church (by Radio Opole)

The church underwent last restoration works nearly 15 years ago. The new works were allowed by the heritage office only if a prior analysis of layers on the walls was conducted, in order to check whether the walls were always painted white. During these works structures under the pillars were studied, revealing ornaments made of stone. Three bases of the vaulting pillars depict stone sculptures, of which, the most interesting one depicts a cat-like beast with two torsos and one head.

Door and paintings (by Radio Opole)

After removing of the outer plaster a hidden layer of plaster was revealed. It contains traces of paint originally used on the walls. They were hidden under thick layer of plaster, but at present it is unknown what if the paintings depict anything. Such traces were also found on the ceiling, where they depict a pelican, the symbol for Eucharist.

One of the sculptures (by Radio Opole)

(after Radio Opole)

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