40-years-old message in a bottle found

Construction workers in Tarnowskie Góry, South Poland, discovered a bottle with a message. The 40-year-old object was found in a former silver mine.

Bottle found by the workers (by Urząd Miasta w Tarnowskich Górach)

The find was made during reconstruction of a diner within the premises of the historic silver mine. Within a bottle there was a yellow sheet of paper. After its extraction it was revealed that the letter contained among others a list of workers who in the 1970s constructed a building over the mine’s shaft. The bottle was originally used to store alcohol.

The content of the letter (by Urząd Miasta w Tarnowskich Górach)

The list contains 13 names of hte builders and their places of residence. There is also a stamp belonging to the company who conducted the construction. The document is not dated but the local archive traced it back to 1973, when the construction was held. It was signed by the master builder, Józef Ochman, now deceased. The finders now plan to locate all the men who were mentioned in the document.

(after Dziennik Zachodni & Urząd Miasta w Tarnowskich Górach)

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