Artefacts found at colonial-era fortifications

Archaeologists excavating Fort Cornwallis, a colonial-era defensive structure in George Town, Penang, Malaysia, dating to 18th century, discovered numerous artefacts at the site.

Excavations at the site (by The Sun Daily)

Excavations at the site revealed several straits settlement coins, pieces of porcelain, ceramics as well as pieces of glass and plates. The excavations were conducted at the Northwest site of the fort, which was identified as remains of a moat. Archaeologists unearthed the moat structure measuring about 6 metres by 8 metres, which was a defensive feature built in 1804 and filled in 1920s. Fort Cornwallis was originally built as a wooden structure by Captain Francis Light who opened Penang island as a British trading post. Light started strengthening the structure in 1793 with bricks and the effort was continued by Farquhar and completed in 1810. The fort however never experienced battle and no defensive shot was ever fired from its walls.

(after The Sun Daily & Malaysian Digest)

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