German shipwreck salvaged from the beach

Remains if a shipwreck of a German gunboat built before 1945 were salvaged from the beach in Kołobrzeg-Podczele, northern Poland.

Salvage operation by the shipwreck (by Robert Dziemba)

The shipwreck’s location was known since 2011, but this year the low level of water allowed for the salvage operation to beheld. The shipwreck was lifted in a three-day operation and was moved to the maritime museum in Kołobrzeg – Kołobrzeski Skansen Morski.

Lifting the shipwreck (by Robert Dziemba)

It is possible that the vessel was sunk during fights for Kołobrzeg in 1945. Inside the wreckage, numerous ammunition shells were discovered. It was also possible to salvage parts of the motor, pump, and two lanterns from the boat. Its elements will be put on display in the museum.

Details of the shipwreck (by Robert Dziemba)
Details of the engine (by Robert Dziemba)

(after Muzeum Oręża Polskiego w Kołobrzegu, Robert Dziemba & Gospodarka Morska)

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