Largest capstone unearthed in South India

Archaeologists in Narmeta village of Nangunuru mandal, India’s Telangana state, discovered and lifted what is believed to be the largest capstone of a menhir structure ever found.

Lifting of the capstone (by Deccan Chronicle)

According to officials, the discovery was made at an ancient human burial site. Arm bones, three red ware pots, two mixed black and red ware broken pots, and an iron tool were found below a smaller menhir. A large crane lifted the huge capstone which weighs about 40 tonnes, is 6.70 metres in length, four metres wide and 65 cm thick. The experts will conduct DNA testing of various artefacts that have been discovered at this site to know the lineage of the pre-historic man, his food habits, and lifestyle and how the population later became extinct. According to the researchers there are 50 odd Megalithic burial sites in the area, which are classified into three types- Menhir, Cairns and Dolmens. Capstones were placed over graves to protect the body from predators, since it was believed that the soul lives on after death. These Megalithic burial sites date back to between 1000 BC and 200 AD.

Finds at the site (by Deccan Chronicle)

(after Deccan Chronicle & The Times of India)

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