Medieval wall paintings found in burnt down hotel

Medieval wall decoration of a peacock was discovered at The Royal Clarence Hotel, Exeter, Devon, England. The discovery was made on a Medieval timber frame of the Well House belonging to the 18th century hotel that burnt down in 2016.

The painting of the peacock (by Exeter Life)

The peacock was hidden in the Well house. It is said to match other examples that have previously been found across Exeter. The discovery was made by a team of structural engineers who continue to work with archaeologists on the restoration and rebuilding of The Royal Clarence Hotel. The building was credited as the first property in England to be called a hotel. It was built in 1769 as the Assembly Rooms by William Mackworth Praed. In 2016 the interior of the hotel was destroyed by a fire, but over a hundred firefighters prevented the fire spreading to other historic buildings. A re-opening of the establishment is scheduled for 2019.

(after Exeter Life)

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