Neolithic rock art discovered in Egypt

Engravings dating back to the Neolithic have been found by archaeologists in Qubbet el-Hawa near Aswan, Egypt.

Neolithic engravings from Egypt (by David Sabel)

The site has been researched for nearly 30 years. The find was made in 2015. The engravings were pecked into the rock with a hard point and at present are hard do decipher, but a closer analysis revealed that they show a hunter with bow, an ostrich and a dancing man wearing a mask. According to archaeologists the figure wearing the mask is not a common theme in Egyptian art. Some similar images were discovered a few years ago in the form of paintings believed to also be from the 4th millennium BC. According to the researchers the find is significant because it represents a link between the ancient Near Eastern and even southern European Neolithic period and Ancient Egyptian culture.

Interpretation of the engravings (by David Sabel)

(after EurekAlert!, David Sabel, CBC News & University of Bonn)

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