Numerous archaeological finds during subway construction

Archaeologists excavating the areas where the new subway lines are being developed in Warsaw, Poland, have found numerous artefacts and features linked to the rich history of the capital.

Pottery found during excavations in Targówek (by Lech Marcinczak)

The construction works are being conducted in two districts of Warsaw, Targówek and Wola. On the site at the Trocka street archaeologists discovered a pit filled with pottery dated to 17th-18th century. Among other finds from the excavations is a cannonball of a 6-pound cannon, dated to 19th century. It was found on the site of the future Targówek subway station. Archaeologists also discovered foundations of cellars – they belonged to the buildings demolished after World War II as the housing developments spread in the area.

Pavement of the Pratulińska street (by Muzeum Archeologiczne)

The excavations are conducted on both sides of the city, divided by the Vistula river. Wola, located on the west side, is a district where many historic events took place, including elections of Poland’s kings and more recent atrocities of the World War II, including the Wola massacre. It was a systematic killing of between 40000-50000 people in the days from 5-12th August 1944 by German troops and collaborationist forces during the early phase of the Warsaw Uprising. So far archaeologists discovered a few remains of people, possibly connected with these events.

Medicine bottles (by Muzeum Archeologiczne)

At the site of the Młynów station remains of a pre-war pharmacy’s cellar was found, serving as a glass bottle depot. The bottles were often reused by pharmacists preparing medicine. A gas mask was also found at that site. At a different construction site numerous ink-pots were discovered. But a large trove of artefacts was found at the Górczewska street, consisting of a lock, frying pans, and pots, that were stored possibly by one person living at the specified address.

Glass beer mugs (by Muzeum Archeologiczne)
One of the coins found (by Lech Marcinczak)
Cannon ball (by Lech Marcinczak)

(after Lech Marcińczak, Muzeum Archeologiczne & TVN Warszawa)

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