Roman settlement found at future housing development

Archaeologists conducting excavations at the site of new Ashmeade Park housing development in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England, discovered a Roman settlement, historic pottery and prehistoric tools.

Excavation at the site (by Wakefield Express)

Archaeologists discovered a roundhouse and other structures as well as objects including a bone needle, tweezers and part of a brooch. It was established that the pottery, found in large amount, including broken bowls and jars were used for cooking. At least 12 ovens were also uncovered at the site.

Archaeological feature at the site (by Wakefield Express)

According to the experts, the new finds help to illustrate the daily life of the  Romano-British ancestors of modern England. After documentation and conservation works that will ensure the preservation of the artefacts they are scheduled to be handed over for display at Pontefract Museum.

Roman pottery found (by Wakefield Express)
Bone needle (by Wakefield Express)

(after Wakefield Express)

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