1000-year-old burials discovered

Estimated to be 1000 years old burial urns called mudhumakkal mhazhi, pieces of bones and a structure resembling ground water well were found in Thillaiyadi neighbourhood of Tharangambadi town, Tamil Nadu, India.

One of the found urns (by The Times of India)

The discovery was made by students and professors investigating the area. The site at Thillaiyadi near Nagapattinnam was an isolated location lying unused for over several years. The urns were found by a local mad who started to dig in an unused field for farming purposes. According to the experts burial urns are the over 3000-year-old ancient funeral rite of Tamils. When people died they were placed in a sitting position in earthen pots along with their belongings. Beside the urns archaeologists also discovered ancient pottery said to be black in colour from one side and red from another and narrow at the bottom.

(after The Times of India)

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