Ancient temple reveals a 1100-year-old inscription

An inscription dating to the the reign of King Aditya Chola I (c. 871-c. 911 AD) was found in Sri Arunachaleswarar temple, Tamil Nandu, India.

Inscription from Tiruvannamalai temple (by The Times of India)

The inscription was found during conservation works on the floor of the third prakaram, an outer part around the temple’s sanctum area – it was found on the floor near the mandapa (pavilion). The oldest inscription found in the temple so far dates back to 885 AD and was recorded by the Archaeological department in 19th century. This new inscription however dates back to 890 AD, as it was written during the 19th year of reign of Aditya Chola I ( c.871 AD-911 AD) reign, making it 1125 years old. Researchers believe that the find strengthens the theory that the temple was renovated a few centuries ago. The inscription was dismantled and discarded due to poor renovation work. It mentions the name of Bana chieftain, Vayirameganar, one of the titles of the Pallava King, and also states that 20 gold coins were donated for maintaining a water body there. Five gold coins collected as interest per year should be used for welfare measure. Sadly, the following part of the inscription is missing and it is not clear who donated them.

(after The Times of India)

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