Ancient tunnel found under a water tank

A tunnel walled with stones was discovered in the water reservoir in the village of Pedavegi, Andhra Pradesh province, India. The structures is believed to be 1500 years old.

The site of the find (by The New Indian Express)

The reservoir Pedda Cheruvu is the main source of water to the village. Last year the tank was desilted and filled with water. The tunnel was discovered as a group of young villagers moved a stone in the middle of the empty reservoir and found the tunnel under it. It is believed that the tunnel dates to the times of Vengi kings who ruled this area as Vengi as their capital. Vengi, known as Pedavegi, was once the capital city of Vengi kingdom. It had a fort with a bailey surrounding it. The Pedda Cheruvu, which is situated outside the fort, was the source of water to it and water would be drawn through this tunnel, the villagers felt.

(after The New Indian Express)

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