Artefacts found in ancient villa in Alexandria

Artefacts dating back to the Hellenistic and Byzantine periods have been discovered in the area of the Gustav Aegeon villa in Alexandria, Egypt.

Bottom of an oil lamp with a swastika mark (by Egypt Independent)

Archaeologists discovered a limestone paved floor, black granite remains, the remains of a kiln that dates back to the Roman era and a wall of limestone joined with a layer of mortar. Moreover, a number of archaeological artefacts were also discovered including various types of pottery from the Hellenistic and Byzantine periods, coins and pottery utensils used for cooking, oil lamps, including one with a swastika scraped on its bottom, as well as a number of bone crafts.

Top of the oil lamp (by Egypt Independent)

The research was being conducted due to a building construction in the close vicinity of the archaeological site of remains of ancient Alexandria. The artefacts were sent to the restoration laboratory at the Roman Theatre of the ancient Alexandria site for necessary cleaning and restoration work.

Small oil lamp (by Egypt Independent)
Large pot (by Egypt Independent)
Small flask found (by Egypt Independent)

(after Egypt Independent)

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