Medieval gold mine discovered

A lost Medieval mine in Złoty Stok, South-western Poland, used for gold mining was re-discovered after being abandoned and forgotten during World War II.

The old mine (by Bartosz Szarafin)

After few years of searching explorers managed to re-discover a Medieval gold mine located near the road leading to the famous gold mine and museum in Złoty Stok. The mine was used and opened to public over 100 years ago, but during World War II its traces were lost. The researchers looked through old pictures, archives, documents and conducted field survey to find its location.

Old corridor in the mine (by Bartosz Szarafin)

The mine is located outside the boundary of the modern mining fields. The researchers managed to uncover the entrance to the mine and clear a portion of its tunnels. They discovered a small cave inside with a spring of mineral water. Archive information tell of arsenic water that was found in the mine. The mine contains a main tunnel that ends with a cave filled with stalactites. It has two floors and an opening in the ceiling of the lower floor. The mine will be opened to public in a condition left by Medieval miners and sightseeing will be allowed only with use of flashlights.

Section of the old mine (by Bartosz Szarafin)

(after Radio Wrocław & Bartosz Szarafin)

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