Neglected 12th century inscriptions rediscovered

Stone inscriptions have been found at Lord Uma Koppulingeswara temple at Palivela village, Andhra Pradesh state of India. The inscriptions are dated to between 12th-15th cent. AD.

The stone with inscription (by Deccan Chronicle)

The inscriptions are written in Telugu script and refer to king Veerabhadra Reddy of Rajamahendravara Reddy kingdom (1325-1448 AD), who ruled the Godavari area from 14th to 15th cent. AD. The inscriptions mention both the king and his queen, Anitalli, who made generous  donations to temple deities. One inscription mentions that was constructed by Allada Reddy Dodda of the Rajamahendravara Reddy dynasty around 1338 AD. Some inscriptions dated to 1239 AD, during the realm of of Kakatiya dynasty (1163-1323 AD) king Prataparudra, were also found on the temple premises and they are in a bad condition. One of the inscriptions, dated to the 10th cent. AD, was being used by the devotees to break coconuts to offer to the lord at the temple.

(after Deccan Chronicle)

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