Neolithic finds of a 6000-years-old culture

Excavations at the Lisia Hill (Fox Hill) in Rzeszów revealed numerous pottery pieces and archaeological features attributed to the Neolithic people of the Malicka culture, which lasted between ca. 5000-3800 BC.

Prehistoric pottery found at the site (by K.Kapica)

The excavations are being conducted in the place where a year ago pieces of Neolithic pottery of the Malicka culture were also found. The site is also about 50-100 metres away from the area excavated in the 1960s by archaeologists from the local museum.

Excavations at the site (by K.Kapica)

So far archaeologists managed to unearth few whole Neolithic vessels and fragments indicating that there might be more still in the ground. Researchers have also discovered a flint axe. All the finds are believed to be about 6000 years old. What archaeologists consider unique at the site is the number of pottery vessels is contains.

Archaeological features (by K.Kapica)

As the researchers state, although numerous sites of the Malicka culture are known along the Wisłok river not much is known about its people, as mostly pottery, tools, hearths, and post-holes of their long houses left by them are known.

Broken pottery vessel (by K.Kapica)

Excavations conducted at the site last year uncovered seven whole pottery vessels used at the Prehistoric settlement. The vessels consisted of bowls and pots. In addition flint tools, attributed to the Malicka culture were also found by archaeologists.

(after K. Kapica & Nowiny24)

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