Pioneer artefacts discovered in southern California

Archaeologists conducting excavations at the Nate Harrison site on Palomar Mountain, northern San Diego County, California, United States of America, discovered bones, used rifle cartridges, pharmaceutical bottles, and more objects dated to 19th century.

Excavations at Palomar Mountain (by San Diego State University)

Recently uncovered artefacts by the archaeological field school, including pharmaceutical bottles, butchered sheep bones, fired rifle cartridges, tobacco cans, ornate suspenders and garters, rouge tin, and others, provide intricate details into daily life at the site. The are of excavations is connected with the person of Nate Harrison, a former slave from Kentucky, who came to California during the Gold Rush-era and moved south to San Diego. Here, he was an active rancher and beloved member of the mountain community, until his death in 1919.

Discovered artefacts (by San Diego State University)

(after 10news & San Diego State University)

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