Possible remains of a Teutonic Order’s castle found

Excavations that started on the Zamkowa hill (Castle hill) in Unisław, Northern Poland, aimed at locating the remains of a supposed Teutonic Order’s castle unearthed first traces of a yet unidentified structure that once stood at the site.

Walls found at the site (by Tytus Żmijewski)

The archaeological investigation is aimed at locating the supposed remains of the 13th century Teutonic Order castle and uncover it’s layout. The researchers will also try to date the uncovered remains so it is known when the structure functioned.

Uncovering the walls (by Tytus Żmijewski)
Pottery found at the site (by Tytus Żmijewski)

Archaeologists opened three trenches in which remains of brick walls and pottery were unearthed just below the surface. The structures were discovered in the North-western area of the hill on which the excavations are located. Archaeological investigation was undertaken as part of a larger project researching Teutonic sites in the region, on the border of the State of the Teutonic Order.

Overview of the hill (by Tytus Żmijewski)
Excavation site (by Tytus Żmijewski)

(after Castra Terrae Culmensis, TVP Bydgoszcz, Onet & Tytus Żmijewski)

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