Prehistoric and modern finds during search for buried bells

A couple of months ago one 19th century bell was unearthed in Witoroż, East Poland. The local story told that there might be more, so researchers started looking – they found various artefacts from both long time ago and recent past.

Various finds (by Biała24)

The bell found previously was dated to 1898 and it belonged to the Greek Orthodox Church. Local legend had it that two older bells, belonging to a dissolved in 1876 mixed Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic rite (Unici), were also buried nearby. A team of explorers started their search near the church in Witoroż, which once was an Orthodox Church. They managed to discover 8 artefacts, mostly fibulae, dated to 2nd-3rd century AD, to the Roman Era.

Digging for the signal (by Biała24)

They also managed to find small metal items connected with the activity of the Orthodox Church, such as pieces of medallions, crosses and icons. More recent find was a rifle bullet still in its shell, that could be dated to World War II. Researchers looking for the possible hidden, legendary bells in the vicinity of the church discovered three iron crosses which yet need to be dated.

Rifle bullet (by Biała24)
Crosses (by Biała24)

(after Ryszard Godlewski & Biała24)

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