Secret Soviet-Era centre for wiretapping guests found at hotel

Owners of the Hotel Jama in Postojna, Slovenia, discovered a hidden area within the building. It seems the four, newly discovered rooms were used in the Soviet Era for wiretapping phone calls and listening to guests’ conversations.

Interior of the hidden area (by Reuters & TVN24Bis)

The hidden area was discovered by accident during renovation works at the hotel. The owner was looking for details to improve, when he stumbled upon large, metal door. It turned out the hotel staff did not have keys to it, so the issue started to become more suspicious. After breaking through the barrier a set of rooms filled with abandoned documents and telephone wiretapping machinery was found.

Inside the hidden room (by Reuters & TVN24Bis)
Overview of the room (by Reuters & TVN24Bis)

The owners informed the media about the discovery, although some of the staff fear the potential backlash from the people that originally used the rooms and worked in them during the previous era. Among the guests who stayed in the hotel during the Soviet times was Josip Broz Tito, a Yugoslav revolutionary and General Secretary of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, and various foreign and Yugoslav guests.

Machinery in the room (by Reuters & TVN24Bis)
Furniture in the room (by Reuters & TVN24Bis)

The machines in the room are connected with other pieces of communication equipment on the regular side of the hotel. Experts who studied the room are certain it was used for listening to phone calls made by the guests, despite most of the machinery removed, when the secret area was abandoned by whoever was using it.

Documents found inside (by Reuters & TVN24Bis)
Telephone inside the room (by Reuters & TVN24Bis)

It is believed that the guests of Tito were being spied on, as well as other foreign guests. The owners of the hotel want to study the area with the experts in order to reveal the history behind its use. The area might be open to the public once such study is complete.

Details of the phone central (by Reuters & TVN24Bis)
Objects found in the room (by Reuters & TVN24Bis)
View of the hotel (by Reuters & TVN24Bis)

(after Reuters & TVN24Bis)

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