Smuggle of numerous artefacts by Ukrainian citizen foiled – again

Over 140 coins and pieces of jewellery were seized by the Customs Officers at the Polish-Ukrainian border crossing at Medica, East Poland. The artefacts were being smuggled by an Ukrainian citizen into Poland.

Seized artefacts (by Oddział Celny w Medyce)

The discovery was made during a routine search of a bus crossing the border with 8 Ukrainians in it. In the luggage of one of them the officers discovered 141 archaeological artefacts from different eras in various state of preservation. The seized contraband consists of 11 pieces of jewellery and 130 coins. The object were seized and will be examined by experts and deposited in a museum. Legal actions were taken against the smuggler, who explained that the artefacts were dug out in his home garden and transported to a friend as a gift. This is not the first time that illegal artefacts were smuggled through the Polish-Ukrainian border.

(after Oddział Celny w Medyce & TVN Info)

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