Three children graves found by the Great Basilica

Archaeologists discovered three children’s graves found at necropolis by the Great Basilica in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

One of the skeletons (by The Sofia Globe)

The Great Basilica is dated to the fourth-fifth century AD, and is the largest early Christian church yet found on the Balkans. Archaeologists continuing the excavations at the site managed to uncover three children’s graves at the necropolis and a beautifully-crafted capital of a pillar. In the season of excavations that has just started the expectations of archaeologists are very high, as last year the team managed to uncover 250 square metres of mosaic and a burial dating to between 10th-11th century AD.

Excavation site (by The Sofia Globe)

the Great Basilica in Plovdiv was the largest early Christian church located in the Balkans. The remains are located near the intersection of the city’s Maria Louisa and Tsar Boris III boulevards, not far from the present Roman Catholic church.

Capital of a column (by The Sofia Globe)

(after The Sofia Globe)

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