Trove of Roman-era finds discovered in Netherlands

A rich trove of Roman artefacts, among which a statue of the god Jupiter, a grave stone inscribed DEAE (“to the goddess“), 2500 bronze objects and a unique ointment pot were discovered at a site in Tiel in the province of Gelderland, Netherlands.
Roman ring (by William Hoogteyling)

The find was made as part of a number of archaeological activities taking place on an 80 hectare site which is projected to become part of the adjacent Medel industrial estate. According to archaeologists, the discovery is extraordinary due to the fact that the find includes such valuable and sophisticated objects when the area was lived in mainly by Batavian farmers in simple wood and mud houses. It is believed that the owner of the artefacts could have been an important Batavian who wanted to recreate a piece of Rome in his villa by surrounding himself with expensive and rare objects. But the researchers also suggest that they may have found a temple as almost all the bronze objects were found in a square of 20 by 50 metres, so it may well have been a sacrificial site.

(after William Hoogteyling & Dutch News)

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