Unexploded Japanese WW2 bombs found in China

A large number of Japanese bomb warheads were found during renovation works, buried under a house in Daye, Hubei province, China.

Unexploded ordnance found at the site (by South China Morning Post)

The family that renovated the house first believed they have stumbled upon an ancient treasure, as Daye was one of the most important bronze production sites in ancient China. Village authorities heard of the discovery and ordered the family to hand their findings over to the government as in China, all ancient artefacts belong to the government. The family refused and the authorities called in police and government officials, who threatened to take the artefacts by force if the family did not cooperate. After thorough examination, the authorities concluded the 161 items were all explosive warheads left behind by the Japanese army during their occupation of the city during Second World War. The numerous pieces were of various sizes but all had large conical heads and fine, spiral screws over relatively short tails. The village was used by the Japanese as a military stronghold. The unexploded ordnance is said to be buried in the ground to await safe transport in the near future.

(after South China Morning Post)

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