Ancient ornamental stud stolen from exhibition in Pompeii

An ornamental bronze stud has been stolen from an exhibit “Pompeii and the Greeks” inside the Pompeii archaeological site, near Naples, Italy. The site is closed and investigation continues.

Technician looking for clues (by Circo Fusco & ANSA)

According to the officials the stud’s removal from beneath an acrylic panel would have taken time to avoid detection by on-site security. The officials believe the 7.3-centimeter stud was taken during public visiting hours, and police are reviewing video surveillance. The area has been closed to visitors. The artefact belongs to a museum in Basilicata and was insured for 300 Euros.

Investigation by a forensic officer (by Circo Fusco & ANSA)

(after PhysOrg, ANSA & Circo Fusco)

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