Ancient walls dating back to Punic period found

Archaeologists conducting excavations outside of Ċittadella, Gozo, Malta, unearthed remains of ancient walls that could date as far back as Punic times (200 BC), which were used through the Roman Period and in the Late Antiquity.

Site of excavations (by Superintendence of Cultural Heritage)

The ancient wall was discovered at a depth of just over two metres with several fragments of pottery, representing various periods of Gozo’s antiquity. The walls themselves may have formed part of ancient fortifications pre-dating the present Ċittadella. Their extent is not yet known and excavations might need to be extended. The discovery was made in test trenches during controlled monitoring by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, as part of a second phase of archaeological excavations conducted at the site.

Ancient walls (by Superintendence of Cultural Heritage)

(after Times of Malta & Superintendence of Cultural Heritage)

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