Large millstone found in historic cradle of Cleveland

Public Works crew discovered a large millstone near Taylor Spring in downtown Cleveland, United States of America. The site is considered the birthplace of the city of Cleveland.

The historic millstone (by Larry C. Bowers)

The millstone was discovered by a local resident. The object was uncovered at the site by the crew and planned to be hauled off to be discarded. The individual contacted a local historian who in turn notified Cleveland Public Works crew director. The millstone was ordered to be returned to the spring. Local authorities are confused by the find as the strength of the stream and spring does not appear sufficient to turn a millstone. According to a local historian the former Cleveland Milling Company owned the property at Taylor Place back in 1906, and may have used the millstone and a formation of dams could have increased the force of the stream enough to run the millstone. Taylor Place was a collection of 13 buildings and multiple families which settled around the spring, becoming the birthplace of the city of Cleveland. Plans for the old millstone are still to be determined, but it is probable the artefact will be incorporated in the design of the new park.

(after Cleveland Daily Banner & Larry C. Bowers)

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