Nomadic burials discovered in ancient tomb complex

Excavations at Yinxu archaeological site in Anyang City, Henan, China, revealed a tomb complex likely used by nomadic people around 1800 years ago.

Burial found in Anyang (by CCTV)

First tombs were discovered at the site in 1950s, located at Dasikong village. Among 90 tombs discovered at the site so far around 18 are believed to contain bodies of nomadic people. These burials were discovered recently and are first of such kind from the necropolis. According to archaeologists, the site had been a human settlement as early as the Shang Dynasty period (16th-11th century BC), but the 18 nomadic tombs were likely built after the Shang Dynasty. Within the tombs two-handled bronze and iron pots, iron short swords and agate beads on strings were found. One of the unearthed skeletons is said to have belonged to a 160cm-tall male.

(after Shanghai Daily & CCTV)

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