Remains of a 18th-cent. hospital found in city’s centre

Historical floor tiles were unearthed in a park in Poland’s capital, Warsaw, by unknown individuals. Heritage authorities who investigated the site identified them as remains of a hospital building around 1792 in the Jazdów district.

Close up of the tiles (by Artur Węgrzynowicz)

The Ujazdowski Hospital was established in the early 19th century at the site of the former military hospital, existing since the 1970s. Hospital was meant for military personnel, especially the Russian Imperial Army that occupied Warsaw in the 19th century. The large medical complex spanned over a vast area, consisting of numerous buildings. The hospital existed until August 30th, 1944, when – during the Warsaw Uprising – it was bombed and later burnt down. The remaining structures were not rebuilt after World War 2 and the area currently is a municipal park.

Are of the discovery (by Artur Węgrzynowicz)

The holes revealing black and white tiles were found at the Strehl square, between the Jazdów street and the Łazienkowska Thoroughfare (Trasa Łazienkowska). At this point it was established that the original flooring of one of the hospital buildings must cover at least few square metres and is buried shallow underground. It is preserved in a good condition. The flooring is roughly dated to the early 20th century. Future of the relics will be established by the authorities.

Tiles of the destroyed hospital (by Artur Węgrzynowicz)
Tiles of the hospital on a shallow depth under topsoil (by Artur Węgrzynowicz)

(after TVN Warszawa & Artur Węgrzynowicz)

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