Sarcophagus with an inscribed cross seized from treasure hunters

Police officers in Eskişehir, West Turkey, recovered an ancient sarcophagus with an inscription of the cross which was attempted to be sold by illegal treasure hunters for 4 million US dollars.

The cross on the lid of the sarcophagus (by AA Photo)

Police has detained 12 man involved in the crime of attempted sale of ancient artefacts. Teams from the provincial Gendarmerie Command Department of the Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Bureau made the arrests after posing as buyers. The treasure hunters reportedly found the sarcophagus during illegal excavations at an archaeological site in Eskişehir’s Seyitgazi district. Two of the suspects were released after bearing testimony, while 10 of them have been referred to the court. After the arrest, the tomb was unearthed from a six-meter-long and four-meter-deep tunnel with the help of municipal workers. The sarcophagus is believed to be from the Byzantine period and will be transferred to Eskişehir Eti Archaeology Museum.

Skeleton found inside the sarcophagus (by AA Photo)

(after AA Photo, Daily Sabah & Hurriyet Daily News)

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