Smuggle of hundreds of coins foiled

Customs officers at the Polish-Belarusian border foiled the smuggle of 680 coins dated to the 18th century. The artefacts were being smuggled by a Belarusian citizen through the border crossing at Połowce.

The coins confiscated from the vehicle (by Podlaski Oddział Straży Granicznej)

The hidden compartment was found within the wheel arch and floor of the trunk of the volkswagen driven by a 43-year-old Belarusian. The coins were packed in groups and all turned to be Russian 5 copeck coins, dated to the 18th century.

Close up of the coins(by Podlaski Oddział Straży Granicznej)

Initially the driver said that he knew nothing about the hidden treasure, but after some time he admitted to smuggling the collection. The experts are trying to determine where the coins originated from and what was their point of destination. According to them, the coins with the mark of Catherine II of Russia are valuable numismatics of great historic value.

Hidden compartment with the stash of coins (by Podlaski Oddział Straży Granicznej)

It was established that single, well preserved coins of this sort can reach the value of over 500 Euro among the collectors. Other, not so well preserved coins can be valued between 10 to 100 Euros or more.

Inspection of the vehicle (by Podlaski Oddział Straży Granicznej)

(after Podlaski Oddział Straży Granicznej & TVN24)

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