Stash of ammunition found under flooring

Family renovating a 120-year-old small brick house in Parszkowo, northern Poland, discovered a stash of various types of ammunition, hidden under the flooring.

Overview of the ammunition (by Piotr Niemkiewicz

Within the pile of ammunition were bullets for Mauser, Mannlicher and Sturmgewehr rifles. The house once belonged to the grandfather of the family members who started the renovation. The man was once a member of the underground resistance movement against the German occupant. He was executed by the Nazis for his actions.

Stash of ammunition (by Piotr Niemkiewicz)

Besides the bullets, two ramrods used for cleaning the German rifles were found. Experts who studied the ammunition believe that the find attests that the resistance movement was strong in the area of Parszkowo during German occupation of Poland between 1939-1945. The village in 1920-30s was belonged to a Polish major and were taken over by Germans who ordered the inhabitants to work for the von Grass family.

Close up of the stash (by Piotr Niemkiewicz)

Head of the von Grass family, in his memories written after World War 2 mentioned a local partisan underground organisation that was disclosed in 1944. It is possible that the grandfather of the family from Parszkowo was one of the men who was captured during that time by the Nazis.

Bullets found in the house (by Piotr Niemkiewicz)

(after Nasze Miasto & Piotr Niemkiewicz)

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