2000-years-old tile with a cat paw print found

Archaeologists working at the Lincoln Eastern Bypass discovered a part of a roof tile from 100 AD containing a cat’s paw print.

Tile with the cat’s paw print (by Lincolnshire Live)

Researchers believe the tile was used in construction of a Roman house, and is part of the evidence that there was a complex of buildings at the site around 100AD. After the wet clay had been moulded into shape, the tiles were spread out and left to dry before firing. It was while this tile was still wet that our prowling cat must have walked across it, sinking slightly into the soft clay. Archaeologists also found pieces of tile from the same site with other animal prints including deer hoofs, and dog. This is one of the finds made recently at the Washingborough Road site during construction of the Lincoln Eastern Bypass.

(after Lincolnshire Live)

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